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Season 2 Episode 14: Jeffrey Nickerson From Prison to Praise

For those that don't know my full story, my career began as a teacher in a juvenile detention center.

Everyday of my teaching career was spent "in jail."Recently, I reconnected with a former student of mine. As a teacher in a jail, I always wondered what happened to certain kids; did their life turn around, are they still incarcerated, are they still alive?

Jeffrey Nickerson joins the show today to share his life changing story. From an abandoned youth, to professional drug dealer, and now project coordinator, husband and father. A story that only God can create.

Jeffrey can be reached via LinkedIn.

If you, or someone you know, would like to talk with Jeffrey or have him speak at your event, please reach out to me at Brad@dreamitpro.com

Season 2, Episode 13: The Masters with DreamIT

What a year it has been!

This past Monday, I was finally able to attend the Masters for the first time in two years.

I first started the Masters trip in 2015 and reflect today how the trip has blessed my life but also changed over the years.

Do you want to incentivize your team and/or mark the Masters off of your Bucket List? Reach out to me: Brad@dreamitpro.com 479-466-6907 dreamitpro.com

Season 2: Episode 12 Brad Norwood Reflection

Where were you one year ago? The Global Pandemic was announced and our world literally came to a stop.

What was life like then and what it is like now?

Have you grown through the challenge?

As we get backed together in groups, how will you engage your people? I give out a tip today and a way to increase the engagement as we return back to the office.

Reach out to me at 479-466-6907 or brad@dreamitpro.com

Season 2 Episode 11: Kyle Senes, It's Flippin Easy

I often ask clients in my coaching sessions, "if you could do anything what would you do?" Answers go all over the place because so many people have ambitious dreams.

Kyle Senes is a young man who asked himself that question. Then he took himself seriously and made it happen. What started as a side gig flipping items here and there, turned into a full time job in April of 2020. Yes, during a pandemic, he left his full time engineering job to begin flipping items full time.

Since then, he has created a full guide full of hours of information on how you too can flip items for profit, and make a living doing so. His guide It's Flippin Easy takes you through Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage and even setting up EBay and Amazon accounts to sell through.

Kyle can be reached through Twitter @Kyle_Senes13
His guide can be purchased here

Season 2, Episode 10: Chantel Soumis, CEO Stardust Creative

Personal Brand; How are you building it?

If you don't have a definite answer, this episode is for you. Chantel Soumis is a Brand Sourceress and joins Bucket List Living with Brad Norwood to discuss building a personal brand through relationships.

Need help with your personal brand or digital reputation? Chantel is your gal! An inspirational keynote speaker, Chantel also discusses what it's like to be "differently abled" and how she has created a successful career for herself while fighting a battle with M.S.

Chantel can be found on LinkedIn and through her websites:

Season 2 Episode 9: Jeremy Wonn, Realtor at The Duley Group

Jeremy Wonn is known for his ability to manage multiple situations and lead teams of people. But he didn't get there without overcoming his own challenges.A former client in the MY BUCKET LIST life plan, Wonn joins the show to discuss overcoming addiction to soar towards success in sales and real estate. Jeremy works for The Duley Group in Northwest Arkansas and can be reached at 314-662-6736 or via email wonnderfulhomes@kw.com

Season 2, Episode 8: Marty Burlsworth, CEO Burlsworth Foundation

Marty Burlsworth is the CEO/Executive Director of the Burlsworth Foundation, formed in honor of Marty's brother Brandon Burlsworth. Brandon is remembered for being the greatest player to walk on in NCAA Football after his career at the University of Arkansas.When Brandon Burlsworth arrived on campus in 1994, he had no money, no famous last name, and absolutely no Division 1 scholarship offers.  Through his unbelievable work ethic and ceaseless determination, Brandon not only earned a scholarship, but became team captain, All-SEC 1997-1998, First Team All-SEC 1998, Football News First Team All-American in 1998, and the first All-American from the University of Arkansas in a decade. His success was not limited to the gridiron.  He was also named to the All-SEC Academic Honor Roll every year from 1995-1998, and was the first football player in the entire history of his university to earn a Masters degree “before” playing his last game. Brandon was selected by the Indianapolis Colts as the 63rd overall pick in the 1999 NFL draft.  After minicamp, he was projected by his coaches to start as a rookie.  Unfortunately, Brandon was tragically killed in a head-on automobile collision just 11 days after the draft. Today, The University of Arkansas has created an endowment in Brandon’s name.  They award eighteen $5,000 academic scholarships, and one $10,000 Walk-0n athletic scholarship each year.  The Brandon Burlsworth Foundation is engaged in various charitable endeavors including the provision of free eye-care to thousands of underprivileged children. In 2010 The Burlsworth Trophy was created to honor the achievements and successes of the Walk-On athlete. It is presented annually to the Most Outstanding player who began his career as a Walk-On. Marty joins the show to talk about the legacy that Brandon leaves behind and how the Burlsworth Foundation continues to honor those who do it "The Burls Way." You can support the Foundation and contact Marty at www.brandonburlsworth.org

Season 2 Episode 7: Mike Duley, CEO at The Duley Group

I've never met a more passionate and caring guy than Mike Duley.

Mike is the CEO of the Duley Group and owner of 13 various companies. As serial entrepreneur, loving husband and intentional father, what sticks out to me most about Mike Duley is his willingness to give.

Duley joins Bucket List Living with Brad Norwood to discuss being your own CEO, how to achieve work life balance, giving back to others and giving yourself permission to "say yes."

Catch Mike on his Podcast Duley Noted, or get in touch with his team to purchase your next home, dream home, or investment property in Northwest Arkansas and now in Northwest Florida. The Duley Group can be reached at 479-616-4663.

Season 2 Episode 6: Nathan Dean, Unlimited Life Concepts

Money. A subject that's either really fun or really bad to talk about.

How do you view money? Is it a means to get by, or is it a tool that you have working for you?

Many people looking to get into Bucket List Living use the excuse of money. Because of that, I sought after more help of understanding money to better help my clients. Enter Nathan Dean, founder of Unlimited Life Concepts and the creator of Holy $hift!

Nate joins the show today to discuss how bucket listers can take a different view of money and what that perspective looks like once you start the process. We talk big money and little money creating a space for all fans to follow along. Does your money have muscles?

Nathan can be reached easiest on Twitter. If you don't have Twitter and/or would like more information on his program, feel free to reach out to me. Brad@dreamitpro.com

Season 2, Episode 5: Jeff Underwood, Regional Sales Director Clearent

Back before Christmas, Jeff Underwood started showing up on my LinkedIn feed. His posts were always about something else other than himself, mainly about his incredible team and how much they were achieving.

As a person who loves seeing the appreciation of people, I reached out to connect to Jeff. I knew immediately he would be a fit for the podcast Bucket List Living with Brad Norwood.

When Jeff accepted the invite, the date he chose was also his birthday. Why would a guy give his time on his day to do a podcast on my show? Because he's Jeff Underwood. He's selfless and always puts others first.

Jeff joins the show to discuss all things people, leadership in the role of a sales director, how Clearent works keeping the motto of people first, and what he is challenging himself with in 2021. We even start the show with a birthday celebration!

Jeff Underwood can be reached on linkedin and via his email engagement5@gmail.com

Season 2 Episode 4: Patrick Lavelle, Strategic Partnerships Manager

Patrick Lavelle has been a fan of Bucket List Living with Brad Norwood since I started the show. I always want to hear from my fans, so I reached out to Patrick and invited him to be a guest.

He's the Manager of Strategic Partnership Development at Zoro a division of Grainger. Lavelle is known for doing business based on relationships. A former teacher and high school and high school basketball coach, Lavelle understands what it means to encourage, engage and empower people.

We talk all things sales and even Notre Dame football in this episode.

Patrick can be reached through LinkedIn

Season 2, Episode 3: Jason Ricks, Operations Director, Leader, Podcast Host

Jason Ricks is one of the most likeable guys I know. Known as the #SmileFiles guy on LinkedIn, Jason is the Operations Director for Bucky's Convenience Stores and is a leader in every aspect of life.

Jason joins the show this week to talk all things leadership, share his story of losing it all including his marriage, to giving all glory to God and where he is today. Jason's story of inspiration, encouragement and intentional living is guaranteed to leave you with a smile.

Find Jason Ricks on LinkedIn through his podcast Purposeful Living or his hashtag #SmileFiles. He can also be found on Facebook at Jason Ricks -- All Things Business.

Season 2 Episode 2: David Meerman Scott, Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author, Fanocracy

Are you a fanatic? Do you consider yourself part of a tribe? Those words may seem a bit extreme until you listen to this episode of Bucket List Living with Brad Norwood.

Author, speaker & marketing strategist David Meerman Scott joins the show this week to discuss his most recent book Fanocracy. David and I talk all things about being fans, from The Grateful Dead to the Arkansas Razorbacks and Denver Broncos. But, David also explains the neuroscience and importance of turning your fans into customers and your customers into fans.

An episode jam packed full of things you never thought of, yet subconsciously act upon, including eating a lemon and being in the room with us as we video the podcast.

David can be book for speaking engagements through his website DavidMeermanScott.com and his Wall Street Journal best selling book Fanocracy can be found at Fanocracy.com He is also a wonderful connection on LinkedIn.

Season 2 - Episode 1: John Anderson That Franchise Guy

Season 2 kicks off with a bang and appropriately the guy who is responsible for introducing me to Bucket List Coaching.

John Anderson, known as That Franchise Guy, has been in the franchise business since 2006 and has been helping people find the franchise that fits them since 2016.

On this episode, John and I discuss what the process looks like to get into franchising, how he helps you through the process, and the importance of finding a franchise that fits your dreams and life plan.

John can be found online at thatfranchiseguy.com and also through LinkedIn

Episode 22: Wrapping Up Season 1

Hosting a podcast was something I NEVER thought I would want to do, much less enjoy. My gut kept telling me to, but the head trash kept saying no one will care.

The pandemic hit in March and it was time. Time to Conquer a fear. Time to invite people to a platform to let their voices be heard. Time to be intentional with what I coach others to do......say yes!

Today wraps up season 1 of Bucket List Living with Brad Norwood. I am humbled by what 20+ episodes have done for me personally.

To those of you who have been guests, to those who have listened, to those who have subscribed and to those who have encouraged me.......Thank You. Thank You.

Want to be on the show in 2021? Reach out to me! Brad@dreamitpro.com

Episode 21: Matthew Wells #BasicDadStuff

My biggest joy is being a father and I love surrounding myself with other men who strive to be awesome, loving dads.

This past year I connected with Matthew Wells on LinkedIn. Through his content I immediately knew he was a dad, and one that absolutely rocks the roll.

Matt joins the podcast this week to talk technology sales, linkedin content, bucket list living, family and of course his infamous hashtag Basic Dad Stuff.

Connect with Matt on LinkedIn and follow him on social media at AllisWells

Episode 20: Brian Sexton, The Intentional Encourager

I connected with Brian Sexton through Twitter and LinkedIn just over a month ago. He stood out to me immediately because of his comments to others people's content. Come to find out, Brian only comments when he can provide value into a post.

Brian Sexton is The Intentional Encourager. He's the Host of The Intentional Encourager podcast and a soon to be published author of the book People Buy from People.

Brian joins me today to talk Intentional living, legacy, and of course lots of sports moments.

Connect with Brian on LinkedIn. You will be glad you did!

Episode 19: Michael Ray SMILE Project Louisville

It takes less energy to smile than it does to frown. The best part? Smiles are contagious!

Ask Michael Ray, founder of the SMILE Project Louisville. Michael is known for being so happy that when others see him, they become happy too. Often seen on LinkedIn prancing around Louisville talking to strangers, giving them random gift cards, and getting them to smile, Michael is a Ray of sunshine to many.

Life is too short not to live out your bucket list and that's why Michael is a guest on Bucket List Living today. Hear his story of how it all started, and learn how YOU can make someone smile too.

Check out what it's all about and donate here!

Michael on LinkedIn
Michael on Facebook

Episode 18: 3 Secrets to Work Life Balance

Work/Life Balance can be cliche. But, I realized when the COVID19 pandemic hit earlier this year that Work Life Balance is a real thing, and when it's off balance life seems impossible.

After a few weeks of having my family all home working and schooling, I realized that every successful person that I know does the same 3 things everyday to achieve the balance. I called those things the 3 Secrets and created a framework called The 3 Secrets to Work Life Balance in a Work from Home World.

I share those 3 secrets and the framework with you in today's episode.

Contact me at Brad@dreamitpro.com

Episode 17: Kevin Kelley, Head Football Coach Pulaski Academy


You've heard it in my talks on Intentionality. It's the underlying factor of gaining control of your life. Playing offense to win games.

But it originated from a small school in Little Rock, Arkansas. Head Football Coach Kevin Kelley joins Bucket List Living to discuss the truth behind the numbers in football.

On today's show we talk about why he never punts, what 3 statistics lead to most victories, onside kicks, "freak-onomics" and more.

Coach Kelley can be reached at Coachkevinkelley.com

Episode 16: John Garrett Whiteside, CEO RGC Glass

Established in 1960, RGC Glass has become a fixture in the South. If you've been in a high rise building, or sat in a suite for a sporting event, chances are you've looked through the product of RGC Glass.

John Garrett Whiteside, CEO, joins the show to discuss the company history and to talk about what it's like to be a leader as a 3rd generation owner. As one of the first corporate groups to participate in the MY BUCKET LIST life plan, Whiteside also talks about the bond that bucket list living has created with in his team and the winning culture that it continues to create.

Be sure to check out RGC Glass

Episode 15: Ben Brookhart, Co-Founder & CSO Powerhome Solar

Ben Brookhart is a leader in the Solar Industry. In fact, Ben in just a flat out leader.

Known as the guy who brings the #BAM energy into everything he does, Brookhart has brought light and leadership to Powerhome Solar where he is the Chief Sales Officer.

A believer in empowering people and incentive programs, Ben and I have an awesome chat about incentives, leadership, the bucket list life and intentionality.

Ben Brookhart can be found on all social media and I highly suggest connecting with him, especially if you are looking for a career in the Solar Industry.

Ben's LinkedIn Profile
Powerhome Solar

Episode 14: Andy Neary, Best Selling Author & Consultant

Andy Neary is the Best Selling author of the book Breaking Through the Status Quo. Using his time as a professional baseball player as a platform, Andy speaks to companies and coaches individuals to have a major league mindset.
Andy joins the show today to talk about the importance of mindset, and how it can be as diminishing as it is helpful.
He can be found on LinkedIn and at www.andyneary.com

Episode 13: Arthur Greeno, Multi Unit Chic Fil A owner

There might not be a more unique person alive than Arthur Greeno. Known for his leadership and ability to develop culture, Arthur is always on the lookout for a good time.He is a true example of what bucket list living is all about.Arthur is the owner of multiple Chic Fli A restaurants in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is also the co-founder of the men's mastermind group Executive Experiences. When he's not leading at either of these organizations he can be found giving back to the community through one of his "fun" charities Tulsa POP Kids.Arthur joins me to discuss leadership, culture, Chic Fil A, Executive Experiences, Guinness World Records, bucket list living and what it's like to own a lemur.Arthur can be reached through his website www.arthurgreeno.com and is a must follow on LinkedIn and Facebook

Episode 12: Coach Joe Hart CEO Products for Profit

The art of flipping. What is flipping?

In short, it's buying low and selling high. Getting rid of old items or going out to find those items that you can turn around and sell at a profit. It's the modern day stock market if you will. Coach Joe Hart wrote the e-book the Art of Flipping which describes the process of how to get started flipping products. But not long after, he wanted to create a community. Thus came Products for Profit, a course sold through affiliate members on Twitter and Instagram. It's a bucket list style of life. Live, work, and play from anywhere. Simply buy your items and sell them through ebay, facebook marketplace, amazon, etc. even while you work your 9-5 or while you sleep. Check out the conversation as we discuss how Joe got started and where he's headed with the group. @coachjoehart

Episode 11: Challenges

Too many times we find ourselves in a position that it's just easier to quit. It's easy to stay neutral. Why push?

Because being average sucks. Average loses.

I talk today on challenges and how you can create wins for yourself each and everyday. Winning is contagious and you can build a successful life by overcoming challenges.



Episode 10: Jason McElhone, CEO RemoteSales.com

One of the most influential profiles on LinkedIn, Jason McElhone is a wealth of information.

Jason found success early on Wallstreet and eventually decided working remotely was the life he loved. His background in sales and desired life style came together as he founded RemoteSales.com where he now helps business develop and/or transition staff into a remote work world.

Known as a guy to tell it like it is, Jason and I dig into working remotely and the COVID19.

Jason can be reached on LinkedIn and on YouTube

Episode 9: Larry Watkins, Founder of Men Sharpening Men

Larry Watkins is the founder of the non profit organization Men Sharpening Men. He is also my business partner and Bucket List Coach.

Larry joins the show today to discuss Intentionality, Living a Legacy, and personal coaching.

He can be contacted at Men Sharpening Men

Episode 8: Action

We began quarantine 8 weeks ago. A time that seems like forever.

What action have you taken during those 8 weeks? Have you accomplished an item on your bucket list or been intentional with your life?

Today, I talk about the importance of taking action every day. One small step today will lead you to accomplishment and success in as little as 8 weeks.

Episode 7: The Sales Rebellion

Have you ever stopped to think about your Legacy? Where you come from and what you will be remembered for when you're gone?

I'm joined this week by two incredible guys, both formed from incredible legacies; Joshua Desha and Dale Dupree, the Sales Rebels.The Sales Rebellion exists to do away with "sales" as most people know it. No slimy used car salesmen here. The Rebellion is all about relationships and experience.Tune in as we discuss the legacy of being a Rebel.

Find Josh here

Find Dale here


Episode 6: FEAR -- Brad Norwood

Fear is a feeling becoming all to common in our world today. In this episode, I talk about fear and how to conquer your fear. I also discuss my journey to the top of the stratosphere in Las Vegas to conquer my fear of heights.

On the other side of your bucket list is a brand new you. That new you is called potential. Conquer a fear today and unlock your potential!

Contact me for more:



Episode 5: Tim Rowe, THE OOH Insider

Tim Rowe is the loudest voice in OOH. Simply THE Insider in Out Of Home advertising. He is the host of the OOH Insider Podcast and consultant to many in the OOH Industry.

Tim and I connected via LinkedIn and have collaborated on many ideas over the past year. He is actually the reason I started a podcast.

Tim joins the show today to talk a little OOH, but to talk about his life as a "bucket lister." Tim was one of the original members to join the MY BUCKET LIST life plan via the online platform.

He can be found on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/troweactual/and on his podcast, The OOH Insider, http://oohinsider.buzzsprout.com/

Episode 4: Lumber1 Home Center

From Law to Lumber.

The career change of Adam Wells. I've known Adam Wells since the late 1980's. We were best friends growing up and best men in each others wedding. From the day I first met him, he wanted to be a corporate attorney. He pursued his passion and become the top medical malpractice defense attorney in the state of Arkansas. But after meeting his wife to be, Wells made a career change to help run her family's business.

Adam and Matt Wells join me to talk about the take over and adhering to the family roots culture that they were raised in and found again in the lumber industry. They talk about the importance of a family culture for both their employees and their customers and discuss their rewards program created in 2019 that they've used to build loyalty and relationships.

We even discuss bucket list moments such as kissing a camel, catching a marlin, couples massage treatments and attending a UFC fight.

Episode 3: Jimmy Dykes, ESPN analyst & The Film Doesn't Lie

Jimmy Dykes is a basketball analyst for ESPN and author of The Film Doesn't Lie. Dykes is one of the most authentic men I know, never separating his faith from his day to day walk in life. He lives out the intentionality that we discuss in the MY BUCKET LIST life plan. He joins our show today to talk all things family, basketball, golf, bucket list and even dog jumping and the Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest.

Jimmy's book The Film Doesn't Lie can be found on Amazon and also at www.coachjimmydyes.com.

Episode 2: Jesse Cole, Owner of the Savannah Bananas

Jesse Cole, owner of the summer league Savannah Bananas joins Brad Norwood to discuss creating a culture of achievement.

Fans First is the core value of Jesse Cole and the Savannah Bananas. Starting with literally nothing, Cole has taken the summer league baseball team known for dancing with fans to creating experiences that last a life time at the ball park.

A ball park with no advertising? Yep. The Savannah Bananas do it. Why? Because fans are there for baseball, NOT to be sold to. Experience. Experience. Experience.

How do you engage your employees just like fans at a ball park? Create what Jesse Cole calls not an ROI but an ROP.....a Return on Purpose.

Tune in as Jesse Cole talks purpose, passion and being intentional.

Episode 1: Hal Henson is a Presidential Ambassador with Zilis

Hal Henson is a Presidential Ambassador with Zilis, a company in the hemp and CBD industry that has literally changed his life.

Hal sits down with Brad Norwood to tell his story of overcoming addiction and turning to authentic manhood.

Upon Hal's introduction to Zilis, he also met his bride to be and current wife Lisa Bell Henson. An amazing story of success that started with a man writing down his dreams several years ago.

Happy Hour Brad Norwood

On this show, we talked about golf, incentive travel, and bucket list living with Brad Norwood of Dream It Professional Events!